What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.
Arnold Palmer

Why Golf?

Stillness of body. Focus of mind. Flow of motion. Crisp sound transitioning to flight through a green landscape of winding hills, majestic mountains and meandering valleys. Your club drives the ball and it moves with the precision of intention through sound technique and good consistent biomechanics. Experience the pure joy of golf.

For me, golf is the experience of a perfect drive or a well struck iron in a moment when everything comes together in perfect harmony... we all know, yet none of us own.
I always like to see a person stand up to a golf ball as though he were perfectly at home in its presence.
Bobby Jones

Setup for Success

For each golfer there is an optimal starting position... a specific combination of the five setup variables determined by the individuals' biomechanics. Discovering your unique setup combination allows for the most efficient, injury free swing possible because it easily facilitates and offsets what your body naturally can or cannot do. As a teaching professional, this is my area of expertise

The 5 Setup Variables
Setup for Success Infographic

The above animation illustrates just a few of the many possible variable combinations within the setup.

I can airmail the golf ball, but sometimes I don't put the right address on it.
Jim Dent

Warren Raatz' approach arrives at the same level of success
and experience that one would gain through trial and error
from hitting thousands upon thousands of golf balls.


Acquire control by letting go of it -- The result of the proper setup and swing.


The applied use of ground forces made possible from a match of the upper body to lower body.


Swing the club on a consistent and desired incline plane with both a square clubface and flush contact.

Course History

Perfectly manicured courses, state of the art equipment, and swings that can at times manifest perfect biomechanics – how did we get here?
By knowing how we have arrived at where we are today with all the new space age technologies of ball and club design we will have a better sense of who we are as golfers. My objective is to teach you your golf swing and your golf game.

You’re invited to take a 600 year journey of golf. “…there would be no advice, no instruction, no video to satisfy, swings to copy or promises of the perfect swing from the perfect answer. The only thing they would have to work on is how their minds and bodies reacted to what the ball was doing. Each individual would go through a process of trial and error, and from a process of elimination, arrive at a natural and efficient swinging motion, based on their personal power source and physical build.”


Fantastic book

I picked this book up not thinking it would be anything special but I am absolutely blown away with what I have learned. It has legitimately helped my game and helped me understand things I questioned in the past.


Don’t miss this book!

A very thoughtful, intelligent, interesting book. So much more useful than 99% of golf books out there. Although completely understandable, the author does not oversimplify or look to apply the same old tired thinking.



A must read for anyone who loves the game. Warren Raatz takes the reader on the “journey” tying in the historical with the present to give the reader a deeper understanding of the game and the golf swing itself. This is the first golf history book that is actually both fun to read with many practical applications any golfer can apply immediately.


Best and most complete golf books I have read in a long time

This is a very cerebral book on golf — perfect for the golfer who is equally philosophical as he is passionate about the game of golf. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I recommend this book wholeheartedly for anybody trying to ascertain a better understanding of golf!

J. Hoffman

Golfers Treasure

This book has enlightened me; it has shed light on what I have been searching for in my golf game... truth and simplicity. Kudos to the author for his research and thorough understanding of the history of the game! I have a better understanding of how the ball, club and course have molded [modern] golfing techniques.


Practice without science or a system is like a pilot without a compass.
He knows not where he is going.
Leonardo Da Vinci
I have found the game to be, in all factualness, a universal language wherever I traveled at home or abroad.
Ben Hogan

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